Our metal sawing and shearing department is equipped with an Accurpress ½”x 12ft Metal Shear and a HEM Saw.

The shear has a jib crane next to it to make short work of loading and unloading.  This allows us to be able to handle large quantities of sheets and plate.  The shear is equipped with a 36” CNC back gauge for precise measurements.  Due to its large  capacity it will shear between 16 gauge and ½”.  This machine was purchased new in 2002.

Our metal sawing department uses a HEM Saw Cyclone AC which has a CNC power feed that allows it to make square accurate pieces.  The saw was purchased new in 2008 and is properly maintained to ensure accurate metal sawing.  The saw has a 16”x 22” at 90 degree capacity and a 16”x 15” at 45 degrees.  The saw also has the capability of cutting up to a 60 degree angle, which is useful when cutting angled braces.