Portable Line boring is an on-location welding/machining process to repair bores that have been worn out, oversized or irregular shaped.  We are able to build up the inside diameter of the bore with a robotic welding system and machine back to OEM specs.  Once finished, the bore will have a slip fit or press fit to accept new bushing or pins.  The process can be done vertical or horizontal in your shop, on job site, or at our shop.

Services Offered

  • Fully portable
  • Holes from 1.375″ to 12″ in diameter
  • Snap ring cutter tool to replace broken or worn out snap ring grooves
  • Repair worn, uneven faces by welding and machining flat to proper width and squareness
  • Removal and installation of new brushings
  • Removal of broken, rusted or frozen pin by hydraulic, piercing a hole through the center or a combination of both


Examples of Line Boring Preformed:

  • Bucket pins and bushings
  • Loader arms
  • Center pins for articulating loaders and tractors
  • Steer cylinder
  • Track equalizer link
  • Excavator booms
  • Quick attachments
  • Tractor front axle
  • Tractor front suspension

Any questions regarding the process or application of our equipment please call and ask for Peter.